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River Clean Up (loloan)

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Activity Name: River Clean Up (loloan)
Location: Padang Galak
Date: GIN Youth Conference BALI 05th of October 2013

Activity Overview:
Students will begin the activity with a walk (5-10 minutes along the beach) to the mouth of the Ayung River. From there we will take a look at the amount of trash that the river has brought to the sea and discuss how and why it got there and what will happen to it now that it has reached the ocean. After doing a cleanup activity, the debris will be sorted and analyzed for its affect on marine ecology. This information will be uploaded to Teac Wild’s marine debris identification database.

Aims and Goals:
Students will be able to understand the amount of debris that ends up in our oceans and answer the questions; What type of debris? How does it get there? How long will it stay? How does it affect marine life? How does it affect humans?
Students will be able to create strategies for reducing their use of plastic and educating others about the need to do the same.

Teacher: Glenn Chickering
Activity Leaders: Made Bayak and Lee Middleton
school kids: Green school, Cangu school, sekolah Diatmika dan Sanggar Anak Tangguh.

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