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We Are the Predator

we are the predator (nature enemy) 80x140cm acrylic on canvas 2011

humans are the most degerous problems in this earth, we are the greedist creature ever. we eat all of things in front of us, we exploit al the nature resources and there noting to left to our child any more.

Humans are big problems in earth, the more we know the more we explore everything. Nature is the most things on earth that we exploit every day, forest getting lost every second of time for what? For humans needed, papers, plywood, block of wood to build our sweet house, for exported furniture etc.

10 times we campaign save our forest, 20 times they got illegal logging. We plated 1 hectare area to deforest 10 hectare they got lost, so just a kind of ironic we have the most rich forest and natural resource but we doesn’t care it.



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